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Variable Area Flow Meters, Thermal Mass Flow Meters, Thermal Mass Flow Controllers, Multi-Parameter Mass Flow Controllers

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MFC (Mass Flow Controller), Liquid Flow Controller, High-Temp. Controller, Flow Ratio Controller

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Solar simulators, arc lamp sources, monochromators, detectors, and spectroscopy instrumentation




Cable and pipe locating equipment. Water leak detection equipment. Cable fault location equipment. Digital Thermometers.

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Aalborg USA

Thermal Mass flow / MEMS Flow Meters

GFM mass flow meter-GFM low-cost aluminum or stainless steel thermal mass flow meters

DPM mass flow meter –Digital Mass Flow Meter with Temperature and Pressure

DFM digital mass flow meter- DFM programmable thermal mass flow meter with digital signal processing

XFM digital mass flow meter- XFM low-cost aluminum or stainless steel digital thermal mass flow meters

ZFM digital mass flow meter- ZFM low-cost aluminum or stainless steel digital thermal mass flow meters

Thermal mass flow Controllers & Electronic Pressure Controllers

GFC mass flow controller- GFC low cost aluminum or stainless steel thermal mass flow controllers

DPC mass flow controller- Precision Digital Mass Flow Controller with Multi-Gas functionality, Temperature and Pressure

DFC digital mass flow controller- DFC programmable thermal mass flow controller with digital signal processing.

AFC analog mass flow controller- AFC analog thermal mass flow controllers

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MKP Korea

Pressure meter- Thermal Mass flow / MEMS Flow Meters

 ARA 5000 Series, ARA 300 Series –  Digital MFM (mass flow meter)

Metal seal and E/P applicability • High accuracy: suitable for precise measurement

Real-time measurement and flow accumulation

Toxic gas can be measured • Digital Communications EtherCAT, Device NET, RS-485, Analog

Thermal mass flow Controllers & Electronic Pressure Controllers

MERU 3000, 5000, SERIES –  Normal / Standard Mass Flow Controller.

MERU 7000/9000 SERIES – Pressure Insensitive / Sensor based Mass Flow Controller (PI /PS MFC). Fast response time (≤1sec). Strong corrosion resistance by electro-polishing surface treatment.

MARU 8000 Series – High-Temperature Mass Flow Controller It can operate under low differential pressure

ARI 7000 Series – Liquid Mass Flow Controller(LMFC). High accuracy and repeatability. Suitable for low boiling point liquids

BARON 3000 Series- Electronic pressure controllers. High Response speed and Accuracy for Pressure

MADEE Series- Flow Ratio Controllers (FRC). Control individual rates by distributing flow rates.

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Low-cost solar simulators

(SF-300-A) Small Collimated Beam Solar Simulator, 300 W, Class AAA
(SF-300-B) Small Collimated Beam Solar Simulator, 300 W, Class ABA

(SciSun-150) Solar Simulator, Class AAA, 150W, 50×50mm
(SciSun-300) Solar Simulator, Class AAA, 300W, 50×50mm, 2 Suns

Fully Reflective solar simulators

(SS0.5kW) 500W Fully Reflective ABA Solar Simulator
(SS1.6kW) 1600W Fully Reflective Solar Simulator
(SS2.5kW) 2500W Fully Reflective Solar Simulator

Flash Solar Simulators

(LASI-1) Single LASI Unit

(PSS1) Large Area Flash Solar Simulator (1x1m)

FSSC-4000) Flash Solar Simulator Concentrator

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DC power Supplies for Magnetron Sputtering and Plasma generation

RF and DC Magnetrons, Sputtering RF and DC Magnetrons, Sputtering guns, Magnetron Sputtering, cathode Diodes

RF and DC Magnetrons, Sputtering RF and DC Magnetrons

RF Matching Network with Auto/manual tune and control

RF Power Supplies

300W RF Generators for 2″ Magnetron Sputtering and Plasma generation

Plasma Cleaner/Asher Reaction Chamber

Plasma Cleaner/Asher

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Cable & pipe locators / Water leak detector

Cable and pipe locator Success AG-438.15N

Easy-to-use kit for detection of metal pipelines and cables consisting of receiver AP-027, electromagnetic sensor and transmitter.

Cable locator Success CBI-309N

Digital cable locator featuring our most advanced receiver AP-019.1

Optic fiber cable locator Success AG-309.15N

High tech device for detection of cables, with direct digital measurement of the current.

Water leak detector Success AT-407N

Advanced acoustic water leak detector for metal and non-metal underground pipelines laying under paved and unpaved surfaces.

Water leak detector and pipe locator Success ATG-435.15N

Advanced acoustic leak detector, combined with powerful pipe locator set, perfect for plumbers and service companies.

Cable locator and acoustic fault detector Success ATG-127E

High tech kit with multi-frequency transmitter for buried utilities detection and acoustic cable fault detection.

Cable fault locator TDR-TA4.7

TDR-TA4.7 is intended for the measurements on power cable lines.

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Siargo Ltd

Mass flow Sensors

FS6122 MASS FLOW SENSORS:  Integrated mass flow, pressure, temperature and humidity sensors in a single package for CPAP and other applications.

FS1015 MASS FLOW SENSORS( FOR MEDICAL & OTHER APPLICATIONS): This sensor is designed for medical applications such as ventilators. It can also be used for general-purpose flow measurement with threaded adapters.

FS5001 MASS FLOW SENSORS (INSTRUMENTATIONS AND MANIFOLD): The sensors are designed for instrumentation and/or manifold assembly. It has two versions – low flow up to 1000sccm high flow to 4 SLPM

FS8000 MASS FLOW SENSORS : ( FOR EQUIPMENT & PROCESS CONTROL) The sensors provide the fastest response to 1 msec, and it is best for automation, robot control and or other instrumentation applications.

FS7002 MASS FLOW SENSORS: These sensors are used for free space gas flow speed measurement, and also applicable for clog sensing for filters.

AM1000 MASS FLOW METERS (HVAC & OTHER APPLICATIONS) : These products are designed for environmental probe with the integration of temperature and humidity sensors. The air flow is calibrated in a wind-tunnel.

FS6100 MASS FLOW SENSOR (INDUSTRIAL & PROCESS APPLICATION) : The sensors are designed for industrial process flow monitor or measurement applications, flow up to 10000 SLPM, and pressure up to 1.0MPa.

FS5200 MASS FLOW SENSORS (EQUIPMENT & PROCESS CONTROL): The sensors provide the lowest flow sensing capability for leakage and replacement of mechanical detectors.

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